Professional Membership: Get the Tools, Collaborate, Write and Develop

Writers Boot Camp has evolved from its original Basic Training course to a membership with many benefits that include intensive coursework, free script evaluation and ongoing, educational, creative support and networking opportunities.  The ideal member of Writers Boot Camp is an aspiring screenwriter, television writer, digital creator, filmmaker, producer or executive who wants to work and create at the highest level of the entertainment industry. 

Whether you are just starting out on your first script or currently work as an industry professional, eligibility for membership is based on your weekly commitment to your creative goals and your understanding of the creative process beyond a first draft.

Even a single, pet project will take much longer than anticipated through the inevitable and numerous stages of the creative process, which are simply unknown to new people entering the entertainment industry.  Once you have 10 hours available per week, there are no other pre-requisites or obstacles to becoming a member, though academically excellent people, professionals from all walks of life and experienced writers and filmmakers of all kinds tend to get even more from the tools due to their intuition and acceptance of the challenges of creating viable, professional-level material.

Wherever you live and whatever your level of experience, our goal is not only to help you write a first draft quickly but to teach you to write 10 drafts every six months, working only part-time 10 hours per week. While you do not need to quit your day job, anyone who has that luxury will further learn to use time more effectively and professionally.

In LA and NY, membership options include live sessions and project groups. Online Professional Membership (OPM) is roughly half the price. In every case, membership plans are affordable for $200-300 per month. Thatís cheaper than an acting class and includes hands-on script evaluation, individualized instructor support, a robust package of online services and free lifelong benefits.


Membership and coursework imparts unique Checkpoints, a set of professional writing and collaboration tools covering comprehensive fundamentals of screenwriting for features, television and digital production. Our goal is to provide you with a repeatable, Full Development process that confirms your own creative authority, including an evaluation method on all Four Levels of Development (Concept, Structure, Character Development & Scene Work), as well as Empowered Rewriting. For your commitment of 10 hours per week, hereís our commitment to you:

  • 48 Sessions of Coursework, including dozens of unique, practical tools and exercises.
  • Weekly One-on-One Phone Office Hours--even when sessions are every other week.
  • Free Script Evaluation, 2X annually, during and after your coursework.*
  • Free Speaker Events and Tools Reviews.*
  • Cast Script Readings to Hear Your Work (in LA and NY).*
  • Online Utilities, Portfolio Manager, Alumni Center with Event Audio/Video.*
  • Special Offers and Discounts on Creative Support and Partner Deals.*
  • Free Application to The Bivouac, including Eligibility for Writing Jobs.
* These benefits are free and ongoing as part of the alumni community even after your coursework is completed.


Designed to reflect the true nature of the screenwriting learning curve, membership requires a 10-hour weekly commitment to your creative work in addition to scheduled sessions. In return, you will learn to stimulate your creative process, test your ideas, increase your productivity and own an incredible set of professional writing tools.

Every six months, referred to as a Full Development Cycle, during your coursework and membership, you will be expected to fully develop a script through all of its stages of generation, story development, early drafts and rewriting. The philosophy of crossing over between features and television, including series pilot development, is integral to the professionally-based curriculum. For anyone working in television, the timetable for spec episodes can be achieved in three to four months, though pilots can take as long as original features, or longer due to the template represented by a pilot script.

While some writers will become empowered to discard ideas sooner or brainstorm multiple versions, the tools and instructor support are designed to anticipate advances project stages and arcs of the writerís learning curve even if during idea testing you tend to remain in early drafts. In other words, a stronger, more viable idea may merit taking more time on a single project and the educational process may inspire numerous scripts, though most profoundly either scenario will provide a great foundation for your future writing and scripts.

Deadlines are an important part of your membership experience. While we cannot control your outside conflicts and lifestyle issues that may inhibit your 10 hours of writing each week and we expect you to work and communicate as a professional within support guidelines, a deadline and subsequent evaluation/script conference by one of the trained staff is inherent in the process every six months.

  Online Professional Membership (OPM) is ideal for those living outside the industry hubs of LA and NY.  
Click here to see how Project Cycles drive development.

Structured into Project Cycles—6-month blocks of time within which your goal is to fully develop a script—the curriculum of OPM unfurls over twelve bi-weekly Sessions within each Project Cycle, each Session laced with multimedia and chock full of assignments.

The flow of session material within the Project Cycle guides you through the different stages of development of your project, tasking you to hit specific benchmark deadlines on the path to full development. You manage your work and submit assignments to your instructor using Project Manager, a powerful web-based portfolio-management utility. Roll Call allows you to track your weekly writing sessions, and combines with Project Manager to generate graphs and charts that help you analyze and enhance your Creative Calendar and better manage your time.

You determine your pathway through OPM by registering for 2, 3 or 4 Project Cycles, that determination informed by your specific goals and a conversation with WBC creative staff to establish a reasonable timeframe to achieve them. An expansive array of ongoing benefits (including creative support and login access to extensive resources) remain available to Online Professional Members who have completed their Project Cycles.

  Office Hours interactions ensure that you're effectively building your projects.  

Built into OPM is an abundance of creative support via Office Hours—twice-weekly opportunities to check in with your instructor by phone. Each Project Cycle offers 48 one-on-one points of contact via Office Hours. Multiple Script Evaluations and Conferences that offer comprehensive reality checks on completed drafts of your projects are also an integral part of the OPM experience.

Session Assignments embody our “write as you learn” philosophy. As opposed to random exercises done in a vacuum, they’re the results of your application of Writers Boot Camp’s impactful tools to your project. Office Hours interactions ensure that you’re effectively building your projects as you maintain forward progress throughout each Project Cycle.

The instructors for Online Professional Membership include the same writers who teach our classroom courses in Los Angeles and New York City, all of whom have been trained by Jeffrey Gordon, founder of Writers Boot Camp.

To get started simply call 800-800-1733 and one of our dedicated coordinators will assist you, or click here if you prefer to be contacted via e-mail.