Online Basic Training

The Online Basic Training course is an adaptation of our renowned first-draft course taught in our Los Angeles and New York City classroom facilities.
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Basic Training in LA & NY

Boot Camp Basic Training Course
Six weeks of fundamentals while you write your feature or television spec script.

Writers Boot Camp's Basic Training Course teaches comprehensive fundamentals while you write a first draft of your feature-length or TV spec script. Class meetings are held one night a week for 6 weeks from 7:30–10:00pm. Each agenda assigns you in-class exercises and ten hours of weekly writing tasks to expedite the development of your script.

Week 1: Basic Training Writing Strategy introduces you to an intensive syllabus with clear screenwriting definitions, work strategies and strict deadlines. Starting with only your single sentence, you'll start shaping your script idea, answer your questions about the film and television business, and begin defining the entertainment conceits and parameters of your script.

Week 2: Obstacle Course Character Development defines three-act screenplay structure from a main character perspective. Unique tools enable you to express your movie idea in accessible, professional terms to create a more dynamic relationship adventure. Structure is also broken down for half-hour sitcom and hour-long drama series.

Week 3: Escalation Conflict and Form gets you to write with a new understanding of the script page and format. You'll use a practical outlining approach to get past the opening of your script to develop the parts of the entire story, allowing you greater mobility between big picture story points and smaller choices for scene material. You'll learn distinctions between feature and television page format and an accelerated writing technique to quickly build the pages of your script.

Week 4: Trench Warfare Scene Work pushes you through the middle pages of your screenplay to discover new possibilities while you write. An advanced scene work checklist helps you evaluate your own style to get you writing more visually - leaving unnecessary material behind and making every part of your script entertaining. You'll compare your story to the character voices and parameters you've designed or are required by your show.

Week 5: Crossfire Character Issues tests the motivations of your principal characters and connects the supporting roles to your main character's journey. A comprehensive evaluation checklist helps you review the tools you've learned, refine your project goals and reflect deeper thematic stakes in your scene choices.

Week 6: D-Day Rewriting & Review culminates your instruction and gives you two additional weeks to expand your first draft before the deadline and final evaluation. During class you'll receive the physical writing process for application to your future work and learn rewriting steps for continued development after the course. You'll review the checklist of tools you've learned during the course and apply them to create your rewrite objectives.

This is primarily a 6 week course. If you understand the neccesity to develop your material and get your hours in, inquire about Think Tank. For additional information, including schedules, fees and payment plans, contact Writers Boot Camp at (800) 800-1733 or by fax (310) 998-1140.