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 From: Fellowship Admin
 Date: 3/28/2011 6:25:27 PM
 Subject: First Year Development Deal Winner
The Writers Boot Camp Fellowship
Educating Future Professionals

As we count down 24 hours to the March All Genre deadline, we congratulate Kimberly Kreines, winner of the first development deal for her feature script SHIFTED.

Kimberly initially won in the bonus Inspired category due to her unique background in the bio-medical field. Residing in Madison, Wisconsin, Kimberly has four academic degrees, a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern, two MS degrees from Marquette and Wash. U. in St. Louis, in Biomedical Engineering Robotics and Nerouscience, respectively, and also an MFA in Creative Writing.

Kimberly received a US patent for a brain computer interface device that makes use of electric brain waves for the control of external devices such as a robotic arm, which can be applied to expedite recovery in stroke victims. It follows, based on her areas of professional and educational expertise, that SHIFTED is a dystopian, sci-fi adventure set in a near-future version of Chicago. We will release further description of her material in ensuing months for the benefit and instruction of past and future Fellowship candidates.

Behind-the-scenes, we are completing a producing partnership on the project to be announced within a few weeks. In the meantime, the Writers Boot Camp staff is creating a set of notes for Kimberly to consider on her current draft. She will begin another formal development process within the context of the partnership that will confirm the choices she has already made and provide an opportunity for her to deepen her understanding of the professional tools that she has learned through her coursework.

The competition for this first development deal was steep and the decision was laborious. The first six months work of each writer, together with their professional disposition, availability to process and integration of tools, was evaluated by instructors and staff alike to hone in on six finalists. Kimberly emerged as the winner. Television projects were considered equally since potential partners ranged in all genres and formats. Second year Fellows are now evaluated on a three-month basis.

The 35 remaining first year Fellows will soon be contacted individually by the staff regarding the status of their projects. At least one other writer has garnered interest in their project through the Fellowship process and Writers Boot Camp industry contacts. Of course, due to the learning process many of the projects are in their early stages and not yet ready for dissemination and reading around town.

Since every Fellow is incidentally now a member/alumnus of Writers Boot Camp, additional and ongoing benefits accrue, including fee script evaluation on current and future projects and eligibility for the extension of relationships in the creative community as work proves itself. (It's a profound note that the movie THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED by alumni Gary Marks and Gwyn Lurie, released just a couple of weeks ago, was written in JG's living room nearly 20 years ago!)

A recent change to the Fellowship is that the monthly creative categories from this month forward will remain the same each month, opening up to any and all genres, as opposed to alternating or switching seasonally.