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 From: Fellowship Admin
 Date: 12/11/2011 1:25:48 PM
 Subject: Double the Fellows and Holiday Half Price Application
The Writers Boot Camp Fellowship
Educating Future Professionals

Thanks to All of Our Partners This Year
Save 50% on Your Application During the Holidays
All-Genre Fellowship Deadline: Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Due to the timing of the holidays, we've combined November and December to award two Fellows in each category this month, doubling your chances. Instead of three monthly winners, we'll be selecting six Fellows, two for each of the Feature Film, Television and Diversity/Inspired categories.

In appreciation of our partners and their support throughout the year, Fellowship application fees will be reduced by 50% during this holiday season when you enter the promo code HOLIDAY50 upon checkout. Feel free to pass along this information.

If you've been following the past few months, we've been able to encourage participation and provide savings to candidates through our partnerships with organizations who share our sensibilities and mission in the entertainment industry. Our mutual goals center not only on discovery of new talent but on professional education.

The Holidays Remind Us of Tent-Pole Family Films

While the Fellowship is open to any genre on a monthly basis, the end of the year reminds us of the health of classic adventure and family films, as well as high-concept ideas that broader audiences can enjoy.

Whatever the genre, ideas that focus on the audience experience of your movie or TV series are inevitably viable, whether as live projects or writing samples that can attract new opportunities based on your work.

In television, the holiday schedule is packed with reruns of classics from years past, as well as Christmas episodes on most series. (The television movies that deal with holiday themes and relationship hopes wrapped in Christmas concepts often start off as bigger ideas only to find their way to networks like Lifetime.) That said, story lines of TV pilot ideas do not have to center on holiday themes. Selection of winners will not necessarily focus on holiday projects but can rather take a hint from the feel-good atmosphere of the season in both comedy and drama.