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 From: Fellowship Admin
 Date: 1/31/2012 5:39:33 PM
 Subject: January Deadline Actually February 7
The Writers Boot Camp Fellowship
Educating Future Professionals

Thanks to Our Partner the ROY DEAN FILM GRANT
Save 50% on Your Application
All-Genre Fellowship Deadline: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Due to the busy month of January, we've extended our deadline until next week!

We awarded six winners last month during the holidays, but now we're back to our three monthly awards for Feature Film, Television and Diversity/Inspired categories.

The sponsorship of the Fellowship this month by the Spring Roy Dean Film Grant in the New York area means that your application fees will be reduced by 50% when you enter the promo code ROYDEAN upon checkout. Feel free to pass along this information to other writers and filmmakers who can benefit from our Full Development coursework.

We want to send a personal thank you to author Carol Dean for listing Writers Boot Camp in the new edition of her book The Art of Film Funding as a corporation with a heart. You can find out more about her mission at Spring Roy Dean Film Grant.

If you've been following the past few months, we've been able to encourage participation and provide savings to candidates through our partnerships with organizations who share our sensibilities and mission in the entertainment industry. Our mutual goals center not only on discovery of new talent but on professional education.

Creative Calendar: New Year's Resolutions Can Last Past January

The downtime of the holidays and the beginning of the new year tend to be motivating in terms of commitment to creative goals. The key, however, to achieving your goals, or "manifesting" as Carol Dean might say, is to create a weekly regimen of writing.

If you're working a regular day job, which we recommend potecting during your first four or five scripts, it's crucial to make your 10 hours of creative writing a priority and to establish at least three early morning sessions each week before work. Unless you're a night owl, most people find that too many aspects of life compete with energy in the evening, including hunger, exercise, entertainment and homework, let alone the responsibilities of family.

When you realize that there are only 168 hours in the week (24 hours a day x seven days a week), you have only 70 hours for all other weekly activities--including at least 10 hours to write--once you factor in 50 hours of a day job and 50 hours of sleep. So, it's important to schedule your writing and creative study time in advance.

Whatever the genre, ideas that focus on the audience experience of your movie or TV series are inevitably viable, whether as live projects or writing samples that can attract new opportunities based on your work. As you begin to tackle the productivity challenges and learning curve of the screenwriting career, the emphasis on audience experience and fresh entertainment will expedite your success.

We are pleased to provide this 50% discount on the application fee. Additional FAQs are available on the Fellowship page at

Again, enter the promo code ROYDEAN upon checkout to save 50%, including all of the additional categories you select. In terms of additional tangible value, win or lose, the application includes a 15-minute phone conference to review your project and the evaluation notes. Many candidates significantly increase their chances to win by just one additional category of consideration.